Xi’an Huan-tai Technology & Development Corp., LTD.

Metal Casting and Export Division

Steel Casting

Carbon & alloy steels
Wear resistant steel (austenitic manganese)
Stainless steels (heat & corrosion resistance)
Standard Specifications: ASTM, DIN, BS, Chinese GB
Maximum Casting Weight: 130MT (286,600 lbs)

Mold Medium:
Materials – green sand, chemically bonded sand (sodium silicate, resin)
Methods– mechanized molding and core-making, hand molding and core-making, thermally bonded shell molds and cores

Heat Treatment:
Full anneal
Normalize & temper
Quench & temper
Case hardening

Melting Equipment:
Electric arc or induction furnaces as appropriate

Machining Capability:

To meet the diversified markets, we can further rough machine or finish machine the castings, forgings and other wrought materials to meet the requirements of our customers.

Main Production:

Mining equipment – crusher, ball mills, earthmover spindles & structural